Receipt-free rewards on every purchase.

Automatically link your purchases and never scan a receipt again.

Earn rewards on every category, for any brand.


How it works


Link your debit or credit card.

Securely link existing debit and credit cards to your Pogo account.

Earn rewards on all purchases.

Earn rewards on every purchase, without having to scan a receipt.

Cash out your rewards.

Cash out via Venmo or PayPal when you reach $3 in your account.

Benefits for you

No more receipt scanning.

Stop taking photos of receipts and start automatic linking with Pogo. We get your receipts for you.

Rewards for any store and brand.

The first rewards app that gives you rewards at any store and for any brand.

Personalized offers to earn more.

Receive cash back offers at places you shop and get paid for providing your feedback.

Data dividends.

Earn a share of the money we make whenever your data is used for shopper research and advertising.

Safe & secure.
We value your security above all.

We never see or store your bank credentials and card information.
We use two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect against fraud.
We have bank-level security with SSL 256-Bit Encryption.

Transparent & fair.

We value transparency so we tell you exactly how we use your data and reward you for it.
What we can't do
Share your contact information (such as email)
Access your bank credentials or card information
Withdraw funds or make purchases for you
How we use your data.
Request your receipts and purchases.
Give you personalized rewards and cash back
Serve you relevant ads in other platforms (such as Facebook and Google)
Create aggregated insights for businesses

Have questions, our FAQ’S.

How do I earn points with Pogo?

After you have securely linked your purchases with Pogo, you will have points to claim every time you shop. You simply go into the app and click “Claim” on each purchase (you’ll have 2 weeks to do so after each purchase!). In some cases, you will unlock bonus points for filling out surveys or receive personalized cash back offers at places you shop.

How do I redeem the rewards I earn? What are points worth?

Once you hit the minimum account balance to cash out ($3), you can transfer your rewards to your Venmo or PayPal account. 1,000 points = $1.

How can you give me rewards without receipt scanning?

Instead of relying on cumbersome photo scans, we’re able to pull in your receipts digitally through integrations we have with retailers today. Once you make a purchase, we’ll digitally request your corresponding receipt on your behalf.

Why do you need my transaction data?

Linking your transaction data allows us to reward you for each purchase you make and provide you with personalized offers based on the places you shop at today. We also use this data to help brands with shopper research and to serve relevant ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google. Whenever your data is used, you earn 10% of the money we make in the form of a data dividend.

What is the vision of Pogo?

Pogo was founded to create a world where data is shared in a transparent way that benefits everyone. We believe that consumers deserve value for their data. Similar to how we have fair trade coffee today, we want to pioneer fair trade data.